Therefore our experience is that there is always something to be rebuilt or renovated in houses in Spain Sometimes it is only a kitchen or bathroom, but also complete renovations where only the outer walls remain. This includes replacing electricity, removing walls, air-conditioning etc.

Whether it is a small or large renovation, should be carried out neatly and as agreed. We have already completed a large number of renovations through our network of contractors. The renovation projects that we offer are co-ordinated by an English-speaking project manager. The project manager ensures, among other things, the correct permits at the municipality, monitors the time schedule and is the direct point of contact. You can communicate directly with the manager or you can of course always contact our team.

Renovation Costs

Keep in mind that costs for a renovation here in Spain are usually a lot lower compared to Northern Europe. This is partly due to a much lower wage and lower prices for the materials (e.g. sanitary ware, kitchens, tiles, etc.) that are used for the renovation in here.

Of course we can also assist these types of renovations with villas in the interior. Here too we have reputable parties who can provide a stress-free renovation. We understand that if you live in, for example, the Netherlands or Belgium, there must be a lot of confidence to have a renovation or conversion done.

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