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Sunny Fincas has a profound knowledge of the legislation applicable to the countryside and collaborates with expert lawyers.

The whole process of buying or selling property in Spain involves different legal procedures and administrative paperwork, which sometimes is unclear or difficult to understand by an inexperienced person.
We try to explain in plain English, most of the steps to be undertaken in a conveyancing transaction in Spain.

The solicitor acting for the seller or the buyer should take instructions from the client. Instructions are normally confirmed to the client in writing, together with some information relating to the costs of the particular transaction as well as an estimate for the solicitor´s legal fees.
The solicitor will make searches and enquiries that are appropriate to the particular transaction. Also, the solicitor will need to have access to title deeds in order to check that the seller owns and is entitled to sell the property and that the are no outstanding charges. All documents will be examined in detail to ensure that there are no matters adversely affecting the property. Various other documents may need to be checked to make sure that there are no local authority notices, which affect the property. We will inform the client in writing to let him know if there are any problems with the property and explain all the significant points.

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