Buying Process

An open and honest approach is of paramount importance to us. We are proactive and we aim to make your experience as easy and as straightforward as possible – giving an honest, friendly and reliable service at all times.

Once Sunny Fincas has found you your ideal property the most important initial step is to take the property off the market. To reserve and secure it you will need to place a holding deposit, this prevents anyone else buying and you losing it to a 3rd party. This deposit varies between 5.000 and 10.000 euros depending on the price of the property.

All the contracts will be drawn up by a lawyer specialized in property law. You may already have had a lawyer recommended to you, otherwise Sunny Fincas will be more than happy to recommend you a reputable local law firm who know well both the area and its characteristics. The lawyer, together with Sunny Fincas, will complete a legal search on the property. Once this is done an options contract is signed. This usually takes place within three-four weeks from the deposit being paid. In this contract all the conditions of the purchase are established and a date for the final handover/completion is set.

Buying costs:

As a general rule of thumb you should add between 11 and 14% to the purchase price to cover the buying costs. Included in this figure is the property transfer tax at 8 or 10%, plus legal fees (normally 1%), Notary fees and Registry fees.

Currency exchange:

We offer different foreign exchange companies that are at the top of their business and will get you more Euros for your pound. Why pay banks a ridiculous commission when a good currency broker will get you more money and closer to the interbank rate.

After Sale Services:

If you are looking to rent out your property and/or have a full maintenance and management service please ask us for details. We can assist you with Reforming, Renovations, Snags, and Furnishings.

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